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Fans Guide To Mens Fx

If you have not already read Fans Guide to the Code of Points - please do so as it will make this all much clearer.



Contrary to popular belief, Mens Floor Exercise is not set to music the way that womens is. Mens FX is comprised of acrobatic tumbling elements, strength skills, and often some rather Pommel Horse-esque elements. Important facts:


  • The Floor is a 12m x 12m square - there is deduction for going outside the lines of the square.
  • The exercise must be completed within 70 seconds.
  • The gymnast must utilize the entire floor (visit each of the 4 corners at some point in the 70 seconds)


The 5 Element Groups that must be completed are:


  1. Non-acrobatic elements (strength elements, swinging elements like flairs, etc.)
  2. Acrobatic elements forward (think, front flip)
  3. Acrobatic elements backward (think, back flip)
  4. Acrobatic elements sideways (you guessed it - side flip)
  5. A dismount that cannot come from Element Group 1


Also, connection bonus is achieved according to the following:


  • A + E or F = 0.1
  • B + D or E or F = 0.1
  • C + C or D = 0.1
  • C + E or F = 0.2
  • D + D or E or F = 0.2


Here is a sample routine from 2007 World Floor Champion Diego Hypolito:





Mens Floor FAQs:


Q: What about going out of bounds?

A: If only one hand or foot touches out of bounds, there is a 0.1 deduction, touching 2 appendages is 0.3, and actually landing a skill completely out of bounds with both feet is 0.5.


 Notable Skills or Combination of skills seen in the 2004-2008 Code of Points:

  • Front 1 3/4 flip to roll. This was seen as the last skill in Hypolito's second floor pass. Many athlete perform this skill on its own to earn a C value skill and .3 added to their A-panel score because the rolling finish minimizes landing deductions. Other athletes, like Hypolito, perform it at the end of a sequence of skills that are all valued C or greater for bonus and a minimized landing deduction.
  • Wide arm press. This fulfills the element one category and was seen after Hypolito's third pass. He started in a straddle stand, placed his hands wide and performed a press. His head was within 3-5 inches of the floor, which is a rule of thumb for doing that skill. It's value is a C and he also earns .5 for his A-panel score for fulfilling an element group. In total, Hypolito raised his start value by .8 when he performed this skill.
  • Layout Thomas. This skill fulfills the element four category. Hypolito does not do this skill, but fulfills this category with his first and last pass. The Thomas is a one 1 3/4 flip backwards with 1 1/2 twists. It can be done in the layout position for an E or in the tuck position for a D, earning .5 and .4 for th A-panel score respectively. This skill is shown below (it is the second skill on his second pass):


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