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Fans Guide To Uneven Bars

If you have not already read Fans Guide to the Code of Points - please do so as it will make this all much clearer.



 On the uneven bars (also known as asymmetric bars), the gymnast uses two horizontal bars set at different heights. The height is generally fixed (in FIG scoring), but the width may be adjusted (compulsory and "pre-elite" gymnastics). Gymnasts perform swinging, circling, and transitional release moves that may pass over, under, and between the two bars. Movements may pass through the handstand and gymnasts often mount the Uneven Bars using a springboard.


The 5 elements groups consist of:


  1. Flight from HB to LB
  2. Flight from LB to HB
  3. Flight on the same bar
  4. Close bar elements, (groups 2, 4, 5) 
  5. Dismount


Connection Values consist of: 




D (flight) + C(flight or turn) = 0.1

(flight- same bar or LB to HB) + C or on HB (flight or turn)= 0.2

D + D OR D + E (minimum one element with flight)= 0.2





 Here is a sample routine performed by He  Kexin from China.  Under the new code of points she has recorded the highest score thus far (17.0)



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