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Fans Guide To Womens Vault

If you have not already read Fans Guide to the Code of Points - please do so as it will make this all much clearer.




In the vaulting events gymnasts: sprint down a 25 meter (about 82 feet) runway, jump onto a beatboard - a kind of springboard, (run/ take-off segment), land momentarily, generally inverted on the hands, on the vaulting horse or vaulting table, (pre flight segment), then spring or block off of this platform to a two footed landing (post flight segment). The post flight segment may include one or more multiple saltos or somersaults, and or twisting movements.



In 2001, the traditional vaulting horse was replaced with a new apparatus, sometimes known as a tongue or table. The new apparatus is more stable, wider, and longer than the older vaulting horse - approx. 1m in length and 1m in width, gives gymnasts a larger blocking surface, and is therefore safer than the old vaulting horse.

Imortant Facts:


  • Gymnasts must stay within boundary lines on landing mats (otherwise they incur a deduction)
  • Elite level gymnasts flash their "vault code" at the end on the runway- telling the judges what specific vault they will perform.


The Requirements are:


1.           The intended vault number to be flashed (manually or electronically) before the vault is performed.
2.            In the Qualifying, Team Final, and All-Around: on vault must be performed- the one vault score counts.
3.            Any gymnast who wishes to qualify for the apparatus final must perform in the qualifying round.
4.            The two vaults must show a different 2nd flight phase. (Ex: a double twist and a 2 ½)


Here are example vaults from the current vault world champion Cheng Fei:



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