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How To Warm Up Floor

Every person has their own routine for warming up their body on each event. Contribute your routine below to create a comprehensive list:


Dan Gill's Competition Floor Warmup:

  1. 5 handstand, snap down, punch back to handstand to warm up your achilles
  2. 3 standing back tuck sticks
  3. One diagonal of very high, punching tuck jumps
  4. One pass of front handspring front layout, front layout, front layout
  5. One pass of round off whip back, whip back, whip back
  6. On round off, back handspring, back layout as high as you can go
  7. One pass of combination tumbling pass (e.g. round-off whip back, 2 1/2, punch front full)
  8. One of my major skill pass (RO, back handspring, double twisting double back)
  9. One Corner combination sequence (e.g. triple russian, split, press to handstand, pirouette)


Eli's Basic Floor Warm-up:

  1. Foward Roll three times then Backwards Roll three time.
  2. Forward Roll, Forward Roll Jump to Handstand to pike Forward Roll, Kick to Handstand to pike-punch to Handstand to Pike Forward Roll.
  3. Backward Roll to Backward Pike Roll to Back Extension Roll to Back Extenstion Roll with a hop.
  4. Kick to Handstand to Pike Punch to Handstand half pirouette with one had placement to back extension roll with a half pirouette (repeat the length of the floor).
  5. Forward Roll to Right, then Left, then Middle splits- each time focusing on your presentation.
  6. Fall to prone- press your feet in a pike through your hands as far as you can with your face pressed to your knees (repeat the length of the floor).
  7. Kick to Handstand ten steps forward (on your hands), then turn 1/4 and ten sides steps, then 1/4 turn to ten backwards steps, then 1/4 turn to ten side steps (focus on your line, form, shoulder angle, and extension through the handstand.
  8. Sit in a straddle, press to a V/Manna position and then kick your legs out and try to slide out into shoulder stretch. Repeat until you have crossed the floor.
  9. Kick to Handstand to pike punch to Handstand and then Full Pirouette as if you were on PB or HB (repeat the length of the floor)
  10. Back extension roll to full pirouette or diominov.
  11. Cartwheel to feet together (focus on going over the top and swining your second foot next to your first foot and lean back as if you would start a backhandspring).  Repeat the length of the floor.
  12. Cartwheel to feet together to back handspring (focus on sitting back and swining your hands in line with your head swing.)
  13. Front Handspring Step-out to front-handspring to bounder (repeat three times).
  14. Three front layouts/whips. (repeat three times).
  15. Three back whips. (repeat three times).
  16. Back whip to Backhandspring to back whip. (repeat three times). (Keep head in line with the arm swing. Keep arms close and straight and turn over so that your knees do not undercut.)


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