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A Review On: 2" - Custom Color, Folding Panel 4' x 8' Gymnastics Mats

2" - Custom Color, Folding Panel 4' x 8' Gymnastics Mats

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Pros: Durable, Easy To Move, Good Cushion, Versatile

Cons: Slides Easily


Review Source: http://reviews.akathletics.com/product-reviews/Folding-Panel-Mats/p/142-2-Custom-Color-Folding-Panel-4-x-8-Gymnastics-Mats.html


I bought this for my 10 year old daughter to practice her gymnastics at home. She's in her second year of classes. We've used it regularly for 2 months now. It has great padding, holds its shape, thick cover which is very easy to wipe down, and we are even considering buying a second one (which will velcro securely to attach to the first). It is VERY good quality, and I expect it will last for many years. The only slight warning I would give is to watch the surface it is used on. We have hardwood floors, and it does tend to slide unless I wedge it in between other items. I would imagine that it would work better on carpet (where the velcro strips would cling to the carpet giving it better stability). Oh, and the purple looks great!



I bought the mat for my baby as a play mat. The existing baby play mats are too small and not very practical for a growing baby. She sits well but occassionally falls back and the mat's cushion is just right to soften the impact. The size is perfect as she is now learning to creep/crawl around. We have wooden floors so the mat is large enough for her to explore and play on. It's easy to fold-up and not heavy to move around. It was a great buy that will grow with her over the years.




My daughter is 5 and has begun gynmastics. It is a perfect mat for floor skills, light-weight and easy to move.


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