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American Athletic Training Pit

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The portable resi has many uses.  It can be used for training landings, putting it under a beam/bar and you can use it for conditioning.  It is very versitile and every gymnast has used one in his/her career.  Every gym should have a couple of these.


Pros: Firm for landings, great for doing floor onto a raised surface for drills and the same for parallel bars

Cons: Older ones used to have the foam in the middle separate and you would get sunken sections.

I think this is a great mat for a number of reasons. First, it is great for drills. When doing floor, you can tumble onto it to work on you set or to gain confidence on a skill by performing the basic skill below it onto a higer surface. I also used this for parallel bars. I placed it at bar level to work on the shrug and pop of my dismount and it is good if you might fall off when learning a Gatson, Diant Diaminov, or stutz out. Additionally, you can use it to stack up behind the vault to work your block. Some of them come with a yellow strip down to side you you can further simulate yurchenko style vaults. I recommend this for every gym.

American Athletic Training Pit

All AAI training pits are designed for maximum cushioning during the training of new skills.  Pits are 32” (81cm) thick, utilizing the combination of 50 polyurethane logs and foam sections, providing an optimum combination of softness and maximization of foam life.  18 oz. vinyl covers the bottom and sides with a mesh top that allows air release upon landings.  Zipper fastener permits easy inserting and checking foam.  2” (5cm) reinforced handles are attached for easy mobility. 416-450 Training Pit 5’ x 10’ x 32” (1.5m x 3.0m x 81cm)

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