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GMR Ultimate Wrist Support


Pros: two different support pads, washable, two straps for two levels of tightness

Cons: straps start to fray pretty quick

I use this every day on Floor and vault. It is very good for adjustable support. The two straps allow you to have two levels of tightness to allow or restrict movement in two parts of your wrist. I would say this is not for someone who has severe wrist problems. My wrist problems are minor (I can do basics and handstands without the use of the brace). I have a teammate though who broke his wrists and these are not good for him (He also has to do handstands on clenched fists because his wrists aren't flexible enough. If you are like him I suggest "tiget paws".) I like how I can use either support pad depending on how my writs feels, or I can even use both at the same time. The only thing is the straps start to fray after like the fifth use. The support still works fine, but you have to cut the fray. They also start to smell really back. I probably go through three to four of these a year.


Pros: Very durable, provide great support

Cons: Can make you dependent on supports, smell awful after prolonged use

I used these wrist supports on Pommel Horse every day for years. The only downside of that was that if I didn't have them for some reason, I felt like I couldn't swing - I was that dependent. They provide amazing support - way better than anything else I tried, and you can take out one of the two standard pads if it's too much.

The downside: they're a bit of a pain to put on (nothing too major), and over time they smell AWFUL. Even after several washes, I still had to go to the locker room to wash my hands every day after taking them off. Small price to pay for great support...

GMR Ultimate Wrist Support

Ideal Application: The Wrist Wraps Support is ideal when limitation of range is needed in one direction only, such as extension, flexion, ulnar or radial deviation. Perfect for use on Pommel Horse or other support intensive events. Features Benefits: * Neoprene inner lining for comfort * Interchangeable foam inserts for variable support * Woven nylon outer shell for durability * Opposing straps limit rotation of brace

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