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International Gymnastics Camp (IGC)


Pros: a lot of gymnastics

Cons: recreation is bad, coaches stink

I have been going to igc for 3 years now. my first year(age 11) i LOVED it, it was the best place on earth. my second year(age 14) it was just ok. i went for 2 weeks which is way to long! they put me in a group that was too low for me. i was working on double backs on floor and everyone else could barely do a back tuck and they were too lazy to move me up. recreation time was very boring to.  this year(age15) i went for 2 weeks again and i was really bored. i hurt my elbow on beam and they didnt really care. they were making me do some more stuff even though i could barely move my arm. when i went to the trainers afterwards because they wouldnt let me go during beam, they were just mean to me and didnt even look at it, just gave me some ice.  when i was in conditioning i hurt it again really badly and they thought it was just because i was in conditioning and didnt want to condition.  you know no big deal i was just crying and couldnt move my arm.  turned out i had a stress fracture.


Pros: coaches are friends, great equipment, great food

Cons: strict

i have only been to this one camp, but boy do i love it. next year iam going for 6 weeks. every year i meet life long friends through coaches to girls and boys. both the gymnastics and camp experiance is so great and fun. the coaches and equipment allow saftey and faster skill progression. the food is exellent along with all staff. i want to work there when i am 17!


Pros: people, camp aspects, its not home

Cons: rules, rules, rules

iv spent probably some of the best weeks of my summers at this camp for 8 years. the people are awesome (and the ones who arent are made fun of relentlessly). Councelors from around the world have the tightest accents and the coaches are gymnasts so they know whats up (most of the time). yes from time to time you have to play along with the little "activities" and whatnot, but everything else is entirely up to you. in cabin 11 we chose naptime. I <3 naptime. oh and the occasional rave in the bathroom. is top notch and safe. its a great way to get our of your drugery at home and workout fresh skills in a different environment. sometimes thats all it takes to get that skill uv been slaving over at home

International Gymnastics Camp (IGC)

From IGC Website: At International Gymnastics Camp, we combine great gymnastics training and great recreation for the ultimate gymnastics camp experience. IGC campers range in age from 8 to 17 and are from beginner to advanced gymnasts. Our main concern is the further development of our campers as gymnasts and as people. Our gymnastics program and our recreational activities, such as the climbing wall and trapeze, allow campers to gain self confidence and feel positive about themselves and their accomplishments inside and outside of the gym.

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