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International Gymnastics Camp (IGC)

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Quality of Coaching
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Pros: a lot of gymnastics

Cons: recreation is bad, coaches stink

I have been going to igc for 3 years now. my first year(age 11) i LOVED it, it was the best place on earth. my second year(age 14) it was just ok. i went for 2 weeks which is way to long! they put me in a group that was too low for me. i was working on double backs on floor and everyone else could barely do a back tuck and they were too lazy to move me up. recreation time was very boring to.  this year(age15) i went for 2 weeks again and i was really bored. i hurt my elbow on beam and they didnt really care. they were making me do some more stuff even though i could barely move my arm. when i went to the trainers afterwards because they wouldnt let me go during beam, they were just mean to me and didnt even look at it, just gave me some ice.  when i was in conditioning i hurt it again really badly and they thought it was just because i was in conditioning and didnt want to condition.  you know no big deal i was just crying and couldnt move my arm.  turned out i had a stress fracture.


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