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Reisport HIGH BAR Grips - Buckle

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Excellent grip that is fairly easy to break in.

Cons: The leather stretches after normal wear and tear

Standard grip used by many.  I have nothing but praise for this grip as it has given me several years of excellent use with little problems.  However, I would highly advice buying a new pair at least every six months.  The grip stretches from basic wear and tear. 


Pros: Don't come undone

Cons: Take longer to put on

I recently switched from Reisport velcro to Reisport buckle grips. I like the buckles better because they don't come undone.


Pros: great feel once broken in

Cons: inconsistency with the leather

I have used Reisport grips since I started gymnastics and I feel comfortable with them. I have always preferred buckle grips because I don't have to worry about the unraveling while I am competing, and I feel like I can make them tighter then velcro. The leather on Reisport has been hit and miss over the past couple years, but for me they are still the best. I try and find grips that have hard leather, because they tend to last longer (even though they take longer to break in).


Pros: easy to break in, last a long time

Cons: prone to stretching out

From 12 years old until I was 23 (and even when I limp around the gym periodically now) I've always used Reisport buckle grips. I had to use others in various times of need over the years, but the Reisports were always my favorites.

With velcro grips, I always felt like they loosened up in the course of a routine, but with buckles they felt very secure throughout. The only downside to these grips is that they can tear up your wrists pretty bad, but I used tape for wrist bands and jammed some foam under the grips and was generally pretty set. I still put on my old Reisports every once in a while and they just feel like home to me...great grips.

Reisport HIGH BAR Grips - Buckle

Three finger holes and a small rubber dowel high bar. Double buckle closure. Measure from base of palm to tip of longest finger. Available sizes: Small (1) - up to 7-1/4" Medium (2) - 7-1/4" to 8" Large (3) - 8" & up

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