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Reisport RING Grips - Hook and Loop Reviews


Love it


Pros: Durable Grips that last long

It is a nice pair of durable grips htat last long. Before breaking, I used it for 2 and half years without any complaint.Sometimes, you might have to wear rubber bands to keep the velcro from slipping.

Good grips


Pros: Comfortable, break in quickly

Cons: velcro wears out quickly

I switched from 10.0 grips to Reisport and never looked back.  The only issue I've had with these grips is the velcro wears out relatively quickly.

Reisport Grips


Pros: They break in really fast

Cons: They don't last as long as some other brands like bulldogs.

If you are in the middle of competition season and one of your grip rips, or you just have outgrown your old grips. I would suggest getting these, they break in very fast, mine broke in less than a day. But the only problem with them are they aren't as durable as other brands such as bull dog, or other companies. But they are a nice grip just if you want to break in grips faster and easier

Good for Upper Level Gymnasts


Pros: Velco for quick adjustements, durable, and break in to fit wrist and hand well.

Cons: Can be slippery and require roughing up with a grip brush and velco can lose its strength.

I used these grips once I became a class 2 and 1 (current level 10 gymnasts). They would generally last 4-6 months, but if you do not adjust your grips a lot before you go, then I recommend doing with the buckles over velcro. They are comfortable and can be worn without wristbands or tape. I recommend them for most high school and college gymnasts.

Velcro Ring Grips-Reisport


Pros: Excellent grip with very little slip, in my experience. Velcro is more gentle on the wrists than buckle.

Cons: Stretches quite a bit after a few months of standard use. Velcro also wears out after about four to six months.

This is a great grip with very little problems that I have found. Unfortunately after a few months of normal gymnastics wear and tear, the grips stretch out, and the velcro wears out. Buckle grips are a solution to the velcro problem, but I find that they cause more rips and blisters. Overall, I am very happy with these grips, and have been using them for several years.

Pretty good grips


Pros: Last forever

Cons: Can loosen during the course of a routine

I would only use buckle grips on high bar, but for some reason I'm all about the velcro grips for rings. I don't know why...the velcro can wear out over time and come undone, it doesn't feel as snug through a whole routine, but I always stick with them. I will say the Reisport ring grips very rarely tore on me, and I'm a pretty big guy (for a gymnast), but still, I think I would be better off with buckle grips.
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