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A Review On: Texas Trampoline 9'x16' Recreational Trampoline

Texas Trampoline 9'x16' Recreational Trampoline

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R Smith
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Pros: Quick shipping

Cons: Poorly constructed

I purchased this early June 2011 and by July 2011, the frame broke with my daughter using it hurting her ankle.  Texas Trampoline was quick to send out two new pieces (not a new frame), which resulting in my ex and my daughter having to disassemble the wracked frame and replace one complete end, then re-spring the unit.  Texas Trampoline refused to address the injury caused by their product failure.  They even refused to take the damaged parts back for examination. 


Springs are another issue.  They break frequently, turning into missiles that could injure any one around the trampoline.  I am surprised they don't have a broken window yet. 


The only redeeming factor is the unit has lasted longer than a Walmart trampoline.  I would not recommend either the trampoline or the company.


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