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US Glove Tiger Paw Wrist Supports

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Pros: wrist support, they are pretty in competition

Cons: the plastic inserts wear out, the color sometimes rubs off on the vaul if you put your sweat on it

the tiger paws are great and they help your wrists out pretty great!! i recommend you get them but try not to get flashy colors unless it matches your leotard, but i would stick with black or neutral to be on the safe side.


Pros: Help Pain

Cons: Expensive

They are great but i wouldn't suggest getting them unless a doctor actually suggests them to you. Because they are pretty expensive, and if your wrists just hurt occasionally i wouldn't recommend these, just tape em' up


tiger paws are a great product... i have really weak wrists... when i tumble without them... it hurts my wrists really bad... to a point that i cant stand it... and when i tumble with them... well... the only thing i really can say... they definately work...

US Glove Tiger Paw Wrist Supports

The most popular gymnastic wrist support is now even better. Tiger Paws now come in 23 different colors and styles. As always, they have replaceable foam pad inserts, and each pair comes with two sets of rigid plastic stays that let you adjust the support you get from your Paws. If you want a skin-colored pair of Tiger Paws, our new "Sand" color is much closer to Caucasian skin tone than the Beige leather. Give it a shot! We're sure you'll love it.   Tiger Paw wrist supports are designed for people whose arms, wrists or hands are (or become) sore and tender. Tiger Paws are great for athletes, typists, laborers and anyone whose wrists and hands ache during or after working. Tiger Paws support your wrists in a straight position, relieving pressure on sensitive nerves, reducing pain from repetitive stress and overuse injuries.   Tiger Paws allow gymnasts to train longer without pain.   SIZING (by weight of the athlete) XS - 69 lbs or less SM - 70 - 115 lbs MD - 116 - 150 lbs LG - Over 150 lbs

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