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Woodward Gymnastics Camp - Pennsylvania


Pros: fun for kids

Cons: lacks supervision, time spent doing gymnastics, too many skateboarders, dance too late on Friday night

lacks supervision - Supervision is left up the the cabin Mom and you can not depend on what you might get, my daughters cabin mom had no personality and every time I saw her she was either on her cell phone or on the computer. And when we went to pick our daughter up - the cabin mom did not knw who our daughter was. Lacks time spent doing gymnastics - there was only about 2 hours of mandantory gym time. Also did not like the way they set up the childs spending money as they have to say there personal code outloud for all to hear and anyone around could start using that number and before you know it their money is gone. Toomany skateboarders - skating everyware. It seems that Woodward caters more to the Xtreme sports rather than Gymnastics. Also we did not know there was a dance on Friday night - after 8:00pm. My husband and I went up Friday night to visit and it looked more like a college party scene. I thought the scene was terrible and very inappropriate for our 10 year old. I would not recommend this camp.


Pros: grate place

Cons: not fimmlar

i wwent to woodward last year and i was not a competive gymnast wen i went i am older and i found the camp a verry good experence i did not feal fimmular on the vaults but the coaches seamed to understand verry well that i was unconfortable and sis not make me do it. i also found thata the campeer were verry nice and that the boys campers stayed to them selfs alot. thay did not bother the older campers overall i think this is the best camp for gymnast who are not competive and want to have alot of fun

 I believe if your child is a gymnast, they should go to woodward, regardless of age or gymnastics level. Woodward has something for everybody. The facilities and the coaches are by far the best in the country and can help any gymnast achieve what he or she wants to. The cabins are supervised by cabin "moms" and every part of camp has supervisors so no child will get hurt or be in any danger whatsoever. There are other things, besides gymnastics, as well to help anyone have the best experience possible. There is a pool, ropes course, go carts, horseback riding, etc. Plus, nobody has to carry money with them. The meals are part of the total cost of the camp. Any extra money that someone brings is placed into an account with a number, similar to a country club so no extra money needs to be carried around. The canteen is also available for the campers to purchase clothing, as well as extra food or other neccesities. I would recommend this camp to any gymnast no matter what. This camp will give a child the experience of a lifetime. 


Pros: the facilitieis, the coaches, the indapendance, the guys =P

Cons: that we had to be in the cabin by ten & that there arent enough gym hours

Woodward ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Hurricanes 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya next year Jen&&Jay!!!!


Pros: cool facilities

Cons: skateboarders

I went there twice when I was little and learned alot - but there were about 100 times more skateboarders and they kind of overwhelmed the gymnasts. I would go back if it was a gymnastics only camp. My parents hated it and thought it really catered to the skateboarders more than the gymnasts. Some kids from my gym went last year and came back with the same feeling.

Woodward Gymnastics Camp - Pennsylvania

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