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Who's your favorite Men's gymnast?

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For me I'd have to say John Roethlisberger. My old coach Thom Glielmi coached John before he coached me and he says that he's never met someone who was closer to his genetic potential than John Roethlisberger. Even after tearing his ACL in '99, Thom says John was still first guy in the gym and last one out every day. No wonder he still made the Olympic Team.


He's the man.

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It's really hard to pick a favorite gymnast - I admire so many for different reasons.


Li Xiaoshuang - he won allaround gold in 1996 and it was awesome - even though they kept replaying his cross messup in team finals


David Durante - I really like his sharp, crisp gymnastics and his really great lines. And yeah, he's 2007 USA Champ and a Stanford grad


David Sender - A ridiculous gymnast, and my roommate , this guy is incredibly strong, has this amazing ability to do a skill simply by watching it, and has springs for legs

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 I agree with Deej about Jonny R.   His work ethic was legendary.  Along with him I always loved Jair Lynch's style and Blaine's confidence.  Internationally, it doesn't get much better than Hiroyuki Tomita...he has it all.  


Another guy who is just awesome is Fabian Hambuchen.  Aside from his amazing gymnastics (where he never seems to miss) he is also a really cool guy.  

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I am a big fan of David Durante and think he is a good role model.  i also think that jordan jovtchev is like the ultimate gymnast.

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I think I'll go old school and pick Dmitri Bilozerchev.  He did a clinic at my gym when I was a kid and I thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread after that.  I was hoping that the owner of my gym would hire him as the Boy's Team Coach, luck.  He moved to Oregon and started his own gym.   Now, he's at Ohio, right?



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Easy. Jordan Jovtchev. He is stylish, strong, and felxible. He also has been around forever. I love his floor and his rings. Plus he looks like Ben Stiller. Anway, I think he is the best and I believe be is underrated. I feel he gets robbed by the "popular" gymnast of the day, like on Rings at the 2004 Olympics.

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I would have to say Vitaly Scherbo.  His tumbling was amazing, it difficulty at that time was huge, and he always fought for landings.  Alexsei Nemov was amazing to watch on high bar and floor especially at floor level.

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I personally thik that "Sasha" Ardev (sp?) and Jonathan Horton and I guess Justin Spring are great role models. I mean they don't seem that superstarish they are willing to say hi if you run into them I mean. Like at nationals i happened to cross Justin and he was awesome

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Fabian Hambüchen! :D


I also like Li Xiaopeng, Sasha Artemev, Yuri vanGelder, Mitja Petkovsek and some others.

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Although I'm a US fan, I've always admire Marian Dragulescu and Alexei Nemov.

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Don't forget some of the pioneers of the sport. Abie Grossfeld. Fantastic US old school gymnast and US olympic coach.

Nikoli Andreanov.  Russian Great for so long. 

Kurt T changed pommel forever.




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No easy task, picking 1...   How about Valentin Mogilny?  Unbelievable PH and PB swing, innovative routines, unique skills, flawless execution!  Of course, Dan gill was OK too......

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