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New Training Device for the Rings

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I am starting this thread in hopes of creating a professional dialogue regarding a new training device for the rings that I invented. 


You can read a description of the device called "Polifko Rotating Ring Belt" under the Products section of this website.  It is listed on the Still Rings equipment page.  You can also see a video of the device in action on this page as well. 


I've used this device for a couple of years now with programs that I've been involved with and have seen great results.  I've introduced it into a couple of my friend's programs, and they like it as well.  Now, I'm trying to bring it to a larger audience and believe that this site would be the perfect "springboard" (pardon the pun) for such a venture. 


Read the description, watch the video and tell me what you think.  Good, Bad, or indifferent.



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I think it looks awesome. We had a pully system at Stanford that you could put different amounts of weight on the end to vary how much help you were getting, but it wasn't nearly this sophisticated. It obviously couldn't be used for swinging elements and stuff like that. Looks great - get some guys who have used it to come on and provide some feedback. I'd be really interested in hearing what they have to say,


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Thanks deej,


I'm glad you like it.  I know exactly what pulley system you're talking about, and it worked great for strength skill development.  The threory behind that is essentially the same with this device.....decrease the work load placed upon the gymnast in a certain skill until he master's the skill and develops enough muscle and stamina to decrease the work load to the next level.  I like to work in percentages of each gymnast's body weight.  Easy math. 


Hopefully, I'll get some more discussion.  There are not that many people out there that have this in their gym, because it's pretty much new!  I've also been very selective about who I talk and discuss with in order to avoid someone stealing my idea.  Now, I've got that covered with patent processes started and everything is well documented with dates and plans, et.....I'm no longer worried about idea theft. 


This device works like you pulley belt at Stanford, but allows dynamic and static skills to be performed.  Having seen the benefits of your pulley system at school, you can imagine what the potential benefits are for this system!


Thanks for the reply, and good luck with Huddler.  I'm already a vocal fan. 



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