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JOs is approaching

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The boys JO nationals is quickly approaching. I have been out of they junior program for some time now, but I think it is in Battle Creek or Oklahoma this year. Does anyone know where it is? Also, I used to know all the big names in the junior program, but not so much any more. The only ones I know are the guys enterning college next year at big universities.

    Russel Dabritz is one. I heard he is ridiculously amazing. Also, Alexy Bilozertchev and Phil Onorato should be trying to finish their junior careers strong before attending Ohio State next year.

    Who are the other big names? What kinds of gymnastics is being done in the junior program these days?


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Have you ever heard of Josh Dilworth? He is a gymnast that competed in the JO nationals. He is VERY good, an old teammate of mine. And... Umm... I think his name is Daniel Lylla or something like that. There is Glen Isheno, or something like that ... I mean i just competited ther a week ago.


A gymnast that chocked at nationals....


PS.. They were in Battlecreek, MI this year, and next year in Ohio =)

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Danelle Lleva is a great gymnast and a great kid. I've known him for a while and have always been impressed. I expect huge things from him in the near future.

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Danell and John Orozco are the future of the junior program. They are so talented, so good, and so young, that by the time they are ready to join the senior ranks permanently, they will be key players. I can see them being go-to guys following the Olympics, when many big names are bound to retire.

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Kudos to Parker Racque for being the only athlete from KY in, oh I don't know, EVER.  He is coached by my friend Doug, and is great to watch in practice, and really starting to figure out himself in gymnastics

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