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Olympic Trials....

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Personally I think that I was really disappointed how the olympic team has become this year. The "qualifying" so you have a locked spot, is soo difficult. I mean it's nearly impossible, so basically the commentee get to decide everything. I mean ignore the past national champions (David, Sender, etc.)


Once again I was disappointed to see Sasha left out, but I do know he is unconistant. But if he has a hit meet, he is a threat internationaly. But whatever...


Now Raj should've been on that team! He had a meet of his life, and once again he is no chosen! What the crap! He was the closest one of that competition to get his "locked" position on the team.


One more thing, if Paul doesn't make a full recovery and pulls out. Which of the alternates would you like to see go up. Personally Raj I think should have a chance, he is very conistant. And more importantly at the moment is healthy.

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I am still stressed out over the selection and i am tryin to be patient to see how everything plays out.  If Paul is not ready (and seeing how Morgan and Paul are really siamese twins) that would mean neither would compete it should be Raj and Durante to take their spots.  Sasha needs to wait till 2012 and become more consistent - you cannot depend on him. 


What are they goin to do if Paul can only compete on 3 or 4 events?  They kind of built the team around him competing on all 6.  Things could get messed up quick.  I think if Paul cannot do all 6 at top level he needs to stay home and he and Morgan can watch the games together on TV and still rake in all the endorsement money.

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Good point if Paul does pull out, Morgan will probably go out too... Good point I haven't thought of that yet =p

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I agree with not liking the guaranteed spots on the US team by placing in trials.  In my mind, the only people who have earned their spots on the team are Paul Hamm and Jon Horton, and I would like to see the men do their selection like the womens team.  Take the top ten guys out to Colorado Springs, and let 'em duke it out for the next couple of weeks.  The most consistent athletes will step forwand and claim their spots.  It is a travesty that they choose a team after one meet, and that Raj Bhavsar is even in the consideration for that team.

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Casey great point! I really would rather them do that, then just choose based on the Olympic Trials. I think they should want the best team on that day (the olympics) and not the best people right now. There is no telling what could happen from now until the Olympics... =/

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Originally Posted by Gymchamp:

Good point if Paul does pull out, Morgan will probably go out too... Good point I haven't thought of that yet =p

I am not so sure that if Paul is out, that Morgan would also be out. (I do realize that a potential reason they added Morgan is to have more than one athlete on the Olympic Team with Olympic experience and that possibly they felt that if Morgan was on, it would push Paul better to get back to full form on all six.) But, if Paul is out, I think Morgan would also like some more Olympic glory. If they are not on, then there will be no Olympic experience and that would be terrible.

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I personally don't think Paul Hamm will pull out of the Olympics in the event he is not ready on all six. I think he will still do it with only 2-4 events and even if those events are unable to be top notch. I think he that even with these detriments he wants to be an Olympian again and that maybe his international recognition will carry some weight when it comes to scoring.

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True... I was talking to some people, and yes Morgan is unlikely to pull out just because of his brother is out... Anwyay has anyone heard about Joseph Hagerty (sp?) how is his recovery from his shoulder going?

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