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I am very happy with USA Gymnastics choice for the womens olympic team.  Nastia and Shawn were shoo in's, and few questioned that Alicia Sacramone, Chellsie Memmel, and Samantha Peszek were going to be on the team after Visa Championships and Olympic Trials.  Debatable was the six spot, which was seized by Bridget Slone (yah, cheers, applause).  Sadly, Shayla Worley, a great bars worker, broke her leg and took herself out of contention for the final spot.  One of the other contenders for the spot was Jana Bieger....remember the whiney girl from Visa's and Trials that complained about getting scored too low?  Basically, she screwed herself with a lousy performance at the selection camp in Texas, and I am tired of people talking about how she got robbed of her ticket to Beijing.  Hey Jana, clean up your routines--stop separating your legs and bending your arms on casts, points your toes on Tkatchev's (which she missed twice at the Olympic Selection camp), those white lines on the floor--stay inside them, and lastly stop bragging to the media that the German national team wants you to come and compete for them--thats just bad form.  Bridget  Slone is the best athlete for that last spot--no question.  Congratulations to the three alternates:  Corrie Lothrop, Jana Bieger, and Ivana Hong, I pray that we don't have to use you in Beijing.   Don't sweat it girls, you'll still get your medal.